Technical Things

This section is to keep track of stuff I learn about OP functionality and other helpful stuff. Once I'm sure I have a basic clue of what some of this is about, I'll share linked pages with the world as I do want to pass along info to someone else who may have been as as lost as I was at the start.

Spoiler alert: I'm not an expert. Yet. wink

CSS - Where I've listed any CSS I've kludged together to make the site look as it does currently.
How to OP Where I keep all my OP for Newbies Info. 

Thank You/My Regards List

Listing of names/call-signs and resources (pointed by some of those names), which helped directly or indirectly (hey, inspiration counts too). I know I'm going to miss some folks as some of the info I copied in my first days here I didn't log where I found it (or had trouble finding it again). If you think you see your handy work and believe I missed your name, let me know. Really not trying to be a jerk.

For Sharing CSS, Wisdom, Resources and Advice in no particular order:

*  Pretty much everyone asking or answering questions in the entire OP forum section.
*  weasel0
*  ThorValdr
*  abersade – Please Stand By Testbed is a great start and thanks for the mummy!
*  Killervp
*  Bortas
*  Kallak
*  Basileus
* Textile References

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Technical Things

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