Fulfilling missions given by your mysterious spymaster, you fought against corrupt megacorps, greedy murderers and powerful tyrants; derailed nefarious agendas and machinations all to help shape your hi-tech, low-life world for the better. High-stakes break-ins, dangerous ops, impossible escapes - you were his go-to crew. You always won, never quit. You were the best…THE team.

But one night he disappeared.

In the aftermath your team fragmented…drifted. Your shining reps and escapades faded from the mind of the populace into infrequent late-night, half-drunk ponderances of, "Remember when…"

Years pass.

One day, now, without warning the past catches up. He's back—back in trouble—and it's up to you and maybe your old crew to save him. Maybe along the way you'll even find one last shot to change the world.


* Always/Never/Now is a cyberpunk game by Will Hindmarch. Game mechanics are based on the Lady Blackbird system. Image credit to renyasuda: Tokyo Time Lapse From WTC (4k resolution).

This campaign is currently scheduled to run bi-weekly starting in late October 2016


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